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The Three-Contingency Model of Self-Management
Dissertation by Dr. Holly Harrison

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Jewish Mother/Behavior Analytic Autobiography Assignment Guidelines

Examples of Jewish Mother/Behavior Analytic Autobiographies

Examples of Cool Self-Management Projects

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I'll Stop Procrastinating...When I get Around to It

I'll Stop Procrastinating...When I Get Around To It
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Written by
Dr. Richard W. Malott & Dr. Holly C. Harrison

The Entire Book:
I'll Stop Procrastinating...When I Get Around to It

To get your copy, call the WMU Copy Desk at (269) 387-4466. Please ask for the Procrastination Manual for Psychology 460. You can pay by credit card and have it shipped to you. The cost is $23.95 with shipping included.

Please e-mail Dr. Malott at if you need any help or have questions

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From: Miguel, Caio
Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2006 11:46 AM
Subject: self-management

I will have many graphs for you at the end of the semester. My undergrads are all doing a self-management project. They love the procrastination book.


From: Sarah Warner
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008
To: Dick Malott <>
Subject: I'll Stop Procrastinating....and Self Management

Dr. Malott-

I am a former student of yours from Western Michigan University. I am currently working on a nursing certification at Grand Valley State University. In one of my classes we are currently studying performance management, as well as behavioral and cognitive models of change ( i.e. Prochaska's Transtheoretical Model of Change). In our study of these, we will be asked to undergo a 'behavioral change project' ( self management project).
I would like to educate the class and my professor on your behavioral model of change/performance management, as well as the behavioral issues addressed in your book, "I'll stop procrastinating...when I get around to it". I remember covering these things in the classes I took with you, and I found them very helpful. My professor has asked me to do a class presenation for one lecture on these things, due to my enthusiasm in describing them to her. (The class tends to lean towards Bandura and Maslow for psychological input, and I woud like to open their eyes to behavioral approaches, especially when dealing with performance/behavior management.)
Would you object to me presenting some of the concepts and materials from your classes ( 360/460 and self management) to my class/professor? ( With your permission I woud like to use some of the materials from your website ( graphs, performance contracts etc..)
If you would not objetc to this, would it be possible for you to forward me anything you feel is especially important when presenting, and/or the powerpoint you use when presenting this information? I have already asked my professor to invest in a copy of "I'll stop procrastinating..." for her own reading/ presentation to the class.
Thank you for your time,

Sarah Warner
Western Michigan Graduate (B.S.)-2008