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Behavior Analysis Training System (BATS)

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Current BATS members

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Appointments Manager Kristen Gaisford
Autism Pre-Practicum Julie Sanchez
Behavior Analysis Training System (BATS) Kristy Oddo
Behavioral Research Supervisory System (BRSS) Christine Gormont
Croyden Advanced Practicum Amanda Smith
Croyden Intermediate Practicum Taylor Barker
Graduate School Preparation (GRE) Tareyn Moss
Kalamazoo Autism Center (KAC) Kristin Loeffler
Language Facilitation Training System (VVB) Brittain Coleman
Language Facilitation Training System (IES) Jennie Shooltz
Letters of Recommendation Matt Brodhead
Project Performance Management System Jon Timm
PSY 3570 (Croyden) Breanne Hartley
PSY 3600 Kelli Perry
PSY 4600 Joe Shane
Rat Lab TAs Jenny Lonsdorf, Betsy Saur
Self-Management Dru Millerwise
Welcome Wagon Manager Kristy Oddo