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AKA: Graduate Student Instructor Performance Management

Mission statement: The mission of the GSI system is the production and systematic training of graduate students with an above average ability to teach the principles of behavior and manage the performance of undergraduate students through the explicit use of behavior analysis as well as the performance management of Graduate Student Instructors’ preparation and instruction.

Unofficial note:We are more or less the dominatrix whip cracking load of fun that keeps the graduate student instructor’s on track and performing their required tasks, so that their students are provided with the best service as possible.

System Managers

1st year Masters Student: David Eisenhart

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Undergraduate Research Assistant: Amanda DonnerContact Information:

Comments about the system:            

We are a new system in BATS, and primary functions is to check to see that graduate students are completing their tasks to teach classes, and giving them aids to be effective teachers. We also set up goal setting meetings with graduate student instructors to improve performance of students that may not be achieving as good of a grade as they are capable of. Our ultimate goal is to produce well educated students who will eventually aid the field of behavior analysis and ultimately attempt to save the world with behavior analysis. Although we are light hearted and enjoy what we do we are ultimately a performance manager for graduate student instructors so we can’t be too easy going.