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PSY 4010: GRE Preparation Course

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Tareyn Moss
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The GRE Prep course is a self management offered to students to help them study and prepare for the Graduate Records Examination. The course also helps students with graduate school applications and professional development tasks.

Using performance management techniques, we set weekly tasks with deadlines to make students study for the GRE throughout the semester.  Students fill out a task verification form every week showing what tasks they completed and students are also required to show proofs of all completed tasks   The graduate student instructors in charge of this class provide guidance, instructional materials, study tips, testing strategies, and other relevant information pertaining to the GRE and graduate school application process.

Students will take practice GRE tests, complete practice verbal and math problems, study vocab, and create a vitae/resume.  Students will take weekly quizzes covering quantitative and verbal homework assignments, as well as vocabulary quizzes.

This class is extremely helpful to those students preparing for graduate school and taking the GRE, and for minimizing stress!!

Below are examples of quizzes, homework, and the course syllabus and assignment guide.

Course Syllabus
Assignment Guide
Vocabulary Quiz
Quantitative Homework
Task Verification Form