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Psy 3570: Autism Practicum at the Kalamazoo Autism Center (KAC)      

This is a practicum for college students interested in working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities.  Students will be trained and supervised by Dr. Malott and his graduate students.

Students will:

  1. Be trained to implement Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Verbal Behavior techniques.
  2. Attend a weekly seminar.
  3. Have the opportunity to develop procedures, needed protocols, and data collection methods.

**KAC system managers will be in charge of teaching the weekly seminar, grading of the practicum students, recruiting tutors and training tutors.

**Students can register through the PSY 3570 practicum either as an Intermediate Practicum or Advanced Practicum student and request to work at KAC.   Or they can register as an independent study credit (1 credit hour = 4 hours at KAC/week).

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Please contact Kristin Loeffler at or Dana Pellegrino at