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PSY 3621: Self-Management


What is the Self Management class?

Self - Management (Psychology 3960) is a great course that teaches you how to manage time, prioritize weekly class assignments, and to enhance study skills. You are taught how to eliminate procrastination by breaking down large assignments into smaller components that are more manageable to complete.

What are the class requirements?

The Self-Management class is a one credit hour class that meets once a week for 75 minutes. This is a two-track course that requires you to complete 13 tasks and provide proof of task completion each week and complete a non-academic Self-Management project. In addition to task completion, you will be responsible for presenting a graph of your accomplishments to your fellow classmates. The non-academic project is an opportunity for you to apply the Self-Management technology to another aspect of your life.

Why should I take this course?

This is a fantastic course to take if you are interested in improving your study skills and getting better grades. That being said, Self-Management can be beneficial to offer even a 4.0 GPA student

What are the benefits of taking this course?

Enrolling in this course will be beneficial to you because the skills you will acquire in this course will generalize to your everyday life. You will be able to utilize Self– Management technology to achieve non-academic goals, as well as academic goals. Also, if you are planning on applying to graduate school, your enrollment in the Self-Management course will allow you to get a Letter of Recommendation from Dr. Malott. This class will also help you prepare for and manage a demanding graduate program.

Student Quotes:

“The single most valuable class you will ever take” – Parker Armstrong

“Self-Management really helped me turn my poor study habits around.  It helped boost my GPA and taught me skills I can take with me for future semesters.  I would recommend this class to anyone for sure!” – Heather Smith

“Potentially the most beneficial course a student can take that needs help with procrastination” – Miles Bennett

The Super Cool Student Who Took Self-Management:

A long time ago in a place not so far away, there was a student whose life was heading down the wrong path.  School was not a priority for this person.  Instead, the student was surrounded with the wrong people, people who would not make it to the age of thirty due to their excessive drug use.  These drugs weren’t soft drugs like marijuana and alcohol; they were the hard stuff, the stuff your mother always warned you about.  Heroin, cocaine, and crack were just a few of the things she would dabble in on a daily basis. 

Curious about what all of the fuss was about, the student signed up for Self-Management.  After hearing about the non-academic project, the student figured that it might be a good idea to kick the drug habit.  After all, it was a problem that had been plaguing her for a long, long time.  The student was low on cash and desperately in need of change.  The student had already spent time in rehab once before, and nothing was accomplished.  Fed up with bad friends and the way life was going, the student thought that with a little help from behavior analysis, she could get on the right track to the good life.

And so it began.  Things got off to a rocky start, and the drug use continued to be resistant to change.  But the student remained persistent, and developed a complex behavioral strategy to track and manage her drug abuse.  The method was so good that it impressed graduate students and professors alike, and the student soon began to see progress.

As the student progressed throughout the semester, the built in, natural reinforcement of living a healthy life began to shape more positive, socially acceptable behaviors.  The student took on new hobbies, began exercising, and kicked most of her other nasty habits.  Not to mention, the student started doing well in school.  Other students and teachers were shocked by the turn around the student had made.

Now, the student is well on her way to becoming one of the world’s finest behavior analysts.  This story shows that with a little hard work and a dedicated commitment to the behavioral principles, even the nastiest of behaviors can be dealt with and managed with some tight contingency control. 

Don’t let yourself fall by the wayside.  As you go through life, trying to save the world with behavior analysis, don’t forget to save yourself along the way.  You’ll be thankful when you’re 80 years old and still kickin’ strong

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