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Autism and OBM MA Program

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Behavioral Boot Camp

Behavioral Boot Camp consists of these two courses:

PSY 6100 Conditioning and Learning 3 hrs.

This course deals with the principles and concepts of behavior analysis from in a rigorous but entertaining manner, with many applied and everyday life examples.

PSY 6710 Higher-Order Behavioral Processes and Their Applications 3 hrs.

This course is a continuation of PSY 6100. The emphasis is on the rule governance of complex behavior of verbal human beings. Areas of analysis include behavioral medicine, and rehabilitation, behavioral anthropology, family life, child rearing, community interventions, education, self-management, organizational behavior management, developmental disabilities, autistic behavior, neurotic behavior, and sexual behavior. PSY 6100 and 6710 combine to provide a behavior-analytic world view.

The main texts for Psy 6100 are Principles of Behavior  and I’ll Stop Procrastinating when I Get Around to It, as well as extensive support materials that will be available in a course pack.

The text for Psy 6710 consists of a course pack with semi-programmed instruction on applied behavior analysis and including many additional articles and chapters.

To get an idea of a typically syllabus for 6100 please click on the links below.

Syllabus Psy 6100

You can also view the following links:

Psy 6100
Psy 6710

Bootcamp will be starting Monday, June 14th 2010 and running through August 20th 2010 (tentatively). If you have any questions contact Dr. Malott at 269-372-1268.

Course Packs and Principles of Behavior available at the bookstore in the Bernhard Center.

Boot Camp starts with Psy 610 (or Psy 6100), which runs for four weeks, then Psy 671 (or Psy 6710) which is for the next four weeks. Psy 6100 or its equivalent is a prerequisite for (Psy 6710). It is possible to take just Psy 6100 and not Psy 6710.

To register for these courses you first need permission of the instructor (Richard Malott), and then you should contact Kelli Perry (