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Psy 3570: Intermediate Autism Practicum

Intermediate Autism Practicum Syllabus
Procedure Template
Functional Assessment Interview
RD Checklist IP System provides undergraduates with the training and materials needed for the skill development required for acceptance in the Advanced Practicum, and providing opportunities and experiences for learning about autism.

What is the Intermediate Autism Practicum?

The Intermediate Autism Practicum is three-credit course open to WMU undergraduates. It is a continuation of the 3570 Special Populations Practicum, designed to further WMU students’ skills in working with children diagnosed with autism. This course helps the practicum students refine their discrete trial training skills teaching children diagnosed with autism.

The Intermediate Practicum is a subsystem of the Behavior Analysis Training program at Western Michigan University. The course is managed by two Graduate students with the help of an undergraduate assistant. The IP system produces Graduate students with skills in Autism and systems analysis, as well as undergraduates with a high level of skill working with children diagnosed with Autism. you enroll in the Intermediate Practicum you will be required to attend 10 hours a week at Croyden Avenue School. You will also attend a two hour a week seminar where we will cover an introduction to functional assessments, red dots, procedure writing, and complete a final project on Autism in the media. As an Intermediate Practicum student you will receive more Discrete Trial training, and individualized feedback on your skills and will have the opportunity to greatly improve any deficits.

Who Can Take the Intermediate Practicum?

To apply for this practicum students must completed a Pre-practicum, and a Basic Practicum at this site as well as general departmental requirements. Also the student must display a high level of skill and proficiency working with the children using discrete trail training before being admitted into the practicum.

What Will I Do In the Intermediate Practicum? undergraduate students in this course will learn to identify problem procedures their pre-primary students are working on as well as learning how to develop those procedures to facilitate the learning process for the child. The undergraduate IP students will learn how to approach designing procedures from a behavior analytic approach. The students who continue on into the Advanced Autism Practicum will have the opportunity directly apply the skills they acquired in the Intermediate Autism Practicum when they will be able to write and implement a procedure for a student diagnosed with autism at Croyden Avenue School. The undergraduate student will also learn about the process of conducting Functional Assessments, and they will have the opportunity to conduct a mock assessment interview.

Why should I Take the Intermediate Practicum?

Taking this course will provide you with the opportunity to increase your skills working with children diagnosed with Autism while learning more about how to create academic procedures for this population. This type of specialized training can provide a competitive edge for undergraduates applying for graduate school or entering the job market.


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